Meet Our Teachers

JADE SINGERPrincipal & Teacher
My name is Morah Jade Singer, principal of Rimon Nursery School. Teaching is my calling, it’s my passion, it makes me who I am and forms part of my world. I am blessed to spend my day laughing and playing with little beings with great minds who love learning because it is fun. I strive to inspire my children to follow their dreams, discover who they are holistically and reach their full potential. You may ask why I say “my children” and the answer is quite simple, each day turns into weeks, every week turns into months and months turn into a year. In a year students become my children, they aren’t just names and faces but they manage to crawl into my heart and become children who I love and want to inspire, guide , enlighten and motivate to become successful well established adults. They touch my heart for a year and I aim to touch their lives forever.
My Name is Batsheva Oudmayer. I am the lucky Morah Sheshe. I fill my day by spending time with these special children learning and playing together. I love what I do as I’m doing what I love, I am passionate about children, and their unconditional love and open minds show me that these little humans teach me so much about life and it’s blessing.

Teaching has given me the opportunity to nurture my passion and experience every day with special souls that make work fun and easy. Watching them grow and absorb all new knowledge is so wonderful, rewarding and something I don’t believe I could find anywhere else.

My name is Morah Kelli Bubly, wife , mother and teacher. I have been privileged enough to teach both in South African and the U.K. With my years of experience comes enlightenment, and this enlightenment has shown me that no matter where in the world one goes children are the future and their is no job more rewarding than taking a child and giving a little knowledge, care and encouragement to see them flourish. I spend my day emphasizing that they matter, that my students remember the important facts of life, make things count and share in each others accomplishments and failures with respect, love and care. I strive to have students walk out my class feeling good about themselves, positive about what they can achieve, and ready to know that their dreams can become a reality.
My name is Morah Michelle. I focus on each child as the beautiful and different individual that they are. I work with each child one on one to make sure that they get everything they need to ensure they reach their full potential and are the best they can be.I not only focus on the importance of skills but also the importance of friendship and kindness…. as Angela Shwindt said “I believe as I teach the child about life, the child teaches me what life is all about”. I truly resonate with that. I am lucky and truly grateful to experience seeing these little humans grow everyday learning from them as much as I hope I am teaching them.


No matter who your Teacher is or what class you fall part of, we guarantee that your day will be filled with lots of love, fun and learning. A routine day at our wonderful school encompasses lots of activities!

7.30am – 8.15am Arrival time

8.15am- 9.15am Indoor free play involving perceptual games, free art, toys

9.15am- 9.30am Indoor organization time

9.30 am – 10am Davening and discussion ring

10.00 am- 10.30 am Outdoor free play

10.30am -10.45am Snack Time

10.45am-11.15am Integrated theme and skills based activities

11.15am-11.45am Outdoor free play incorporating sensory play

11.45 am -12.00pm Clean up outside, wipe faces, wash hands and pack school bags

12.00pm-12.30pm get ready for home time, story time and a small snack


“There is no better feeling as a mommy knowing that when I drop off my little girl, she is being loved and cared for as much as she would be at home. Every morning I drive out of Rimon knowing she is in the hands of qualified teachers and wonderful helpers, and having an absolute blast until the moment u pick her up. We love Rimon and I’m always proud to tell people that it’s ‘our school’.”


“We have been at Rimon for 2 and a half years. I am happy with the progress my child has made in Rimons warm and caring Jewish environment.”


“Rimon is a friendly, warm environment where children have the opportunity to learn, make lovely friends and grow into delightful little people. We are truly blessed with all the staff that work at Rimon, a wholesome team of dedicated and caring professionals who always ensure that our children are learning and enjoying all the wonderful activities that take place at school on a daily basis.”


“ Rimon is a school filled with fun. The children play and learn and read and sing all these things are such great things. The teachers are caring and oh so great and love to help the kids create. Rimon we love you.”


“Rimon school is a one of a kind educational fercility. From each teacher knowing your child’s name even if they not in their class to the extra love and care for each child’s personal growth. The school offers a bright warm ambiance and is affordable with great later hours than most play schools and nursery schools. Their Torah education is on point and attractive to both religious and non religious parents. They offer a nutritious meal everyday allowing working moms to have less pressure when bringing their babies home. We are very happy to have chosen rimon as our baby’s home away from home.”



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