Holiday School

Don’t despair holidays may be here but so are we. Rimon Nursery school, offers holiday programmes for students within our school as well as externally. Our morning are always filled with fun activities that you get to take home and be sure the best part of the whole experience is making new friends. So remember to check out our page to see when our next holiday programme will be.

Lag BaOmer

Colours of red, yellow and orange filled our school as we celebrated Lag Ba Omer. We really concentrated on using our senses during this celebration as we sat around the bon fire and felt the warmth of the fire, saw the bright flames and smelt the delicious marshmallows that we toasted. We even got down and dirty and played in our sensory trofs with red and yellow pasta, our morah’s were not quite sure what we enjoyed more the feeling or being able to eat the pasta.

Yom Ha’atzmaut

Yom Ha’ atzmaut- who doesn’t love a party! We celebrated Yom Ha’atzmaut by taking an imaginary plane ride to Israel. Once their we proudly waved the Israeli flag, ate pita and delicious chocolate spread and lets not forget danced to some Israeli music.

Mommys Morning

Children are like little seedlings needing love, care, nurturing and sustenance. What better way to spend mommy’s morning that having our mommy’s plant with their little seedlings? Each child and mom had the opportunity to decorate a pot plant and then fill it with compost and a seedling, that they could take home to love and nurture together. It was a morning filled with fun, love and lots of hugs and kisses.  

Matzah Factory Visit

The theme of Pesach filled our school with songs and excitement. No matter the age the children loved learning about the sedar and creating wonderful works of art that they could use at their own seder tables. A highlight was visiting the matzah factory and making our very own matzot after learning about the laws on how to bake it. We loved watching the play that was accompanied by the visit and the children sat on the edge of their seats ready to offer any answers to questions that may have been asked.

Generation Sinai

This year we loved generation Sinai as it gave us the opportunity to daven with our parents as well as show them how beautifully we can say all the morning brachot. The morning was made that much more special as each child could colour in their very own morning brachot book and take it home.


We are sure to never let a Chag pass us by, we celebrated Purim with dress up, a magician, and carnival. The children looked to cute in their dress up clothes and posed for pictures with such fun and excitement. A definite highlight was the magician show who finished surprising us with his magic and made us balloon sculptures to take home! It was such fun and the yummy smell of freshly made popcorn has made us very excited for what is to come next Purim!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to our Rimon Website! We have put a few of our recent events up and will continue to post on this blog to allow you a little peak into our wonderful school.


The children of Rimon Nursery School love a little adventure, especially when it involves having our school day at The Bunny Hop.  The weather may have been a bit gloomy and cold but we were all very excited to layer up and head outside to feed the bunnies, goats, chickens, ducks and tortoise at The Bunny Hop. We loved interacting with all the special animals especially as it reinforced our knowledge about all the farm animals we had been learning about.

Woodrock Animal Rescue

The saying is so true about humans and people. They really are a little boy or little girls best friend, and this was so evidently seen when Woodrock Animal Rescue came to visit us at school bringing along four adorable little puppies. Our children were in their element as they got to play with the puppies. Staying in line with our Jewish Values we participated in  Chesed as we collected dog food, biscuits and treats that were donated to Woodrock to assist them with their amazing cause.

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