Our Current Classes

1 – 2 Years old

Our wonderful Morah Batsheva has the pleasure of teaching our real little tots. 1 to 2 year olds reminds her every day about her love for teaching. They come in babbling and leave talking. Morah Tanya’s classroom is not only filled with unconditional hugs and kisses when ever you need but also absolute fun. A morning spent in this class will ensure lots of singing, playing and putting down the foundation for later school years. Our children learn to count from 1 to 10, recognize colours and shapes and lots more.  Just because they small doesn’t mean these little people cant grasp vast amount of knowledge and this is evident from the way they absorb all information learnt in our themes whether its secular or kodesh.


2 – 3 Years old

Morah Jade will argue that she teaches the best age. They arrive at her in the beginning of the year at the age of 2 and turn 3 by the time they leave to proceed to the next class. During this time these little seedlings blossom into real beautiful flowers. A year spent with Morah Jade encompasses scaffolding on holistic skills. Children count, form a correct pencil grip, start to draw body image and this is just the start to a wonderful year filled with fun while gaining lots of knowledge and self pride.


3 – 4 Years old

It is hard to believe but in Morah Kelli’s class children are now in full swing of becoming little integrated members of the greater world. Children enter first year Nursery school with Morah Kelli and it’s a true blessing to have such a wonderful caring and qualified teacher moulding them during this year. Morah Kelli does not only reinforce all aspects taught in playschool but also ensures each child’s holistic development is continuously expanding. Wonderful discussions, sharing of information not to mention the incorporation of other learning areas make this grounding year one of importance but also ensuring that while this happens its done in a fun and happy manner.


4 – 5 Years old

Our 4 – 5 year are the lucky students of Morah Michelle. Here they spend their mornings scaffolding on knowledge as well as ensuring the relevant skills are put into place for the following year when they will be in Grade R. Their classroom is filled with fine and gross motor activities,that not only are fun but also involve problem solving, imagination and constructive learning. Their rings are made up of davening and discussions, show and tell and the concepts such as numeracy and social development. Whether they are busy with table top , group or individual work they are always guided to ensure all necessary holistic development areas are met.



“Rimon is a school where not only our daughter feels at home but so do we. The teachers, assistants and principal are warm, welcoming and make us feel like part of the family. The level of education and focused on yidishkeit has blown us away and we are so grateful for such a strong foundation for Leyla”


“Rimon Nursery School is such a caring and warm environment! Each child is seen as a little person and given such individual love and attention to blossom and grow! The Morahs and assistants go out of their way to make your child feel as if school is an extension of home and nothing if ever too much to ask we’ve been so blessed to see our daughter grow and thrive under Rimons excellent care! If you’re looking for a small and wonderful school experience then Rimon is the place to go!!”


“ warm, caring environment. Both my kids started before 17 months and not a day has gone by where I have worried about them. They skip into school merely and absolutely love the teachers and staff”


“Rimon is a wonderful school filled with love, warmth and a nurturing environment. The morah’s treat each child as if its their own. We love Rimon!!!”



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